Private Surveillance & Monitoring

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Precision Investigations provides superior private surveillance & monitoring services through our experienced team of field private investigators and evidence processing specialists. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and on-time communication with our clients. Precision Investigation’s edge lies in our astute competency with advanced electronic investigative measures. We offer drone surveillance services and stationary remote sensor station deployment to augment the value of your private investigation. We offer Precision, When it counts.

Call us today for a free demonstration of our drone based aerial monitoring techniques.

Precision provides these excellent surveillance services and others.

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Employee Theft
  • Contractor Theft
  • Domestic infidelity Cases
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Medical leave abuse
  • Narcotics Investigations
  • Stalking counter surveillance
  • Close-quarters covert monitoring
  • Device based whereabouts monitoring
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