Private Investigations

Wichita Private Investigations

A personal investigation by detectives Saindon and Maas is a fairly straightforward process: we find the answers to your questions. We are trained to identify facts and find actionable information. We do this by carefully and discretely uncovering the facts and delivering well-documented, verifiable facts.

Our advanced and comprehensive private investigations include intense data collection and personal interviews as necessary with known associates of the subject. Arrest records, convictions and active cases will also be reported. Traffic records and credit report are included. Surveillance and associate investigation available upon request. Value added rates will be given to volume services on a contractual basis.

Private Investigation Services

Precision Investigations can be hired by individuals, attorneys, groups, or businesses to undertake any private investigation they may need. We’ll setup surveillance programs to complete the investigation and deliver any evidence you may need. Although we can investigate any situation, our most common ones are:

Interview Services

As a licensed private investigator in Wichita, we can secure witness and individual statements that can be admitted in court. We follow strict rules for evidence gathering which means the statements we are able to gather from witnesses are invaluable for our clients. We can interview witnesses, victims, law enforcement, and suspects as needed.

Our interviews are straightforward, and we receive direct, uncontested answers. Most of our interviewees are very cooperative and helpful throughout the process. For difficult interviewees, we can approach the questions from different angles to ensure you’re getting the information you need while maintaining the integrity of the statement.