Highly Experienced Missing Person Investigation In Wichita KS

wichita missing persons detective

At Precision Investigations, our goal is to bring a missing person back home safe. If you’re wondering how to track down a missing person, then you’ve found Wichita’s best private detective.  Missing persons take many forms, most of which are not criminals – they’re ordinary people that need to be found for one reason or another. Our private missing person investigations include:

  • Heirs & Beneficiaries
  • Estranged Friends & Family
  • Lost Loves
  • Child Runaways
  • Child & Adult Kidnappings
  • Missing Children
  • Deadbeat Parents – Failed Child Support Payments
  • Birth Parents
  • Former Employee
  • Debt Collection

Missing Children Investigations

Precision Investigations have a vested interested in wanting all children to feel safe and to be home. When a child goes missing either due to a runaway or kidnapping, we hit the investigation hard and fast. Precision Investigations has access to tools that attorneys and law enforcement may not have. Law enforcement in particular is frequently overwhelmed by missing person cases and do not have the resources to address the situation in a timely manner. Precision Investigations can fill that gap. When a missing persons case becomes dire or involves human trafficking in Wichita, we can gather information quickly by:

  • Questioning witnesses
  • Doing background checks
  • Using tracking devices on suspects and persons of interest
  • Obtaining information from individuals who were unhelpful in the past
  • Entering places where others may not be able or willing to go
  • Networking with other PIs for a faster result
  • Using surveillance on people and places

Locating Individuals & Persons of Interest

Precision Investigations, though based in Wichita, KS, has the tools and access needed to track people down nationwide. We are used by individuals, companies, lawyers, and organizations who are looking to find people for questioning or simply to make contact with. On a recent case, we tracked down nearly 300 people so that they could receive their court settlement checks.

Witness Location & Fugitive Skip Tracing Services

Everyone leaves a trail. A private investigator like Precision Investigations can pick up that trail even if it has gone cold. We have access to advanced technology and databases that allow us to find missing persons and witnesses. We get to know who their friends, family, and associates are so we can cast a wide net.