Skilled Medical Malpractice Investigation in Wichita KS

wichita medial malpractice investigations

Precision Investigations is uniquely positioned to provide insider knowledge of medical malpractice investigations in Wichita. Each medical malpractice private investigator on our Wichita team has extensive experience in health care.  We have a comprehensive and active network in emergency medicine, critical care, surgical, and renal care. We can review your chart, and pinpoint where a standard of care has been deviated from.

We provide private investigations and surveillance for both patients and members of the healthcare industry. It’s our job to sort out fact from fiction for both parties.

Why do you Need a Private Investigator for your Medical Malpractice Claim?

For valid medical malpractice claims against a doctor or clinic, Precisions Investigations will provide investigative services for the Wichita metro area. The truth is, doctors are trying their best to make and keep you well. However, there are true incidents of malpractice that can cause harm and death. Our team of private investigators can get find evidence of any standard deviations of care. We have an extensive background in the health care industry and know where to look to substantiate a claim. We are not interested in burdening the system with a frivolous malpractice lawsuit, and our investigators can consult with you prior to accepting your case.

Here are some facts about medical malpractice:

  • 1 out of 3 patients are a victim of medical error during their hospitalization
  • Medical malpractice is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US (behind heart disease & cancer)
  • 80% of medical malpractice suits result in no payout

The last figure is where Precision Investigations comes in. Our private detectives can uncover court admissible evidence that can demonstrate actual malpractice if it exists. We are able to show, with evidence, where the standard of care was deviated from and what medical error happened. Identifying precisely what happened is our duty as private investigators, and our attention to detail helps our clients and attorneys win their medical malpractice cases.

Wichita doctors, clinics, hospitals, and their malpractice insurance companies have vast resources to counter and bury your medical malpractice claim. Without court admissible evidence for your lawyers to use, you won’t be compensated for the harm done to you or your family. Precision Investigations’ Wichita office will investigate the physicians involved and provide surveillance if necessary. Our investigations are helpful in proving a victim’s claim prior to hiring a lawyer which is a major cost savings. We are also hired by medical malpractice lawyers to aid in the case after the legal process has started.

Our Medical Malpractice Investigation Process

Precisions Investigations not only proves a medical error happened, we uncover and provide evidence of which error happened. For healthcare providers, we can also uncover evidence of false claims if they exist. We know that malpractice can happen at any stage of the patient experience, and the key to proving your case is finding the what, where, and when of the medical mistake. For example, the doctor might not be at fault because the error was done by the attending nurse – a critical detail if you or your lawyer wants to win the case.

We will approach the incident from as many angles as possible. We will:

  • First, we’ll consult on whether medical malpractice has happened
  • Establish a timeline of events
  • Collect medical records pertaining to the malpractice claim
  • Research the procedures, diagnosis, and prescription drugs
  • Interview witnesses
  • Research the healthcare professionals’ malpractice history
  • Use surveillance to monitor individuals if necessary

We investigate:

  • Deviations from standards of medical care
  • Negligent prescription recommendations that lead to addiction or death
  • Clinic or hospital related infections
  • Illegal billing
  • Insurance fraud
  • Poor care due to the patient’s financial situation
  • Misdiagnosis leading to further harm or death
  • Medical errors leading to injury or death
  • Abusive practices by staff or physicians

Medical Malpractice Surveillance

For our healthcare clients who believe they are being wrongly accused, we can use discreet surveillance techniques to discover if the patient is falsifying their claim. Patients who claim they were harmed by the healthcare system could be lying about the extent of their condition. By watching, monitoring, and surveilling the patient, we can determine if they truly have a loss of faculties. We will be able to gather court admissible evidence for or against the medical malpractice claim.