Experienced Domestic and Infidelity Investigators in Wichita KS

wichita infidelity and cheating investigator

Precision Investigations provides domestic and infidelity surveillance & investigations for our Wichita clients who suspect their spouse of cheating. Matrimonial investigations are naturally sensitive in nature and must be 100% discreet. Many times, we find out that our clients’ spouses are not cheating. When we do witness and record evidence of infidelity, our surveillance becomes court admissible evidence if our client decided to pursue divorce or other legal action.

When a marriage is approaching or coming to an end, things can get messy real fast. A private investigator from Precision Investigations can uncover the evidence you need to prove infidelity or gain the upper hand in a divorce. Even though Kansas has no fault divorce laws, there are things like child custody investigations and child support to consider when hiring a private investigator.

What Are The Signs Your Spouse is Cheating?

There are many common signs of infidelity in all our cases. Some include:

  • If you think there is cheating happening, then that gut reaction is a good sign something is off
  • The spouse has a history of cheating
  • The marriage itself is rocky or going though problems
  • There are recurring calls to an unknown number
  • There are unexplained expenses
  • The spouse has recurring or predictable times when they are not accounted for or can’t be reached
  • The spouse has been working late
  • The spouse has a close friendship with the opposite sex
  • There has been suspicions from friends and family

Marriage Infidelity Private Investigator

Many of our clients need to know if there has been infidelity in the marriage. Precision Investigations can uncover court admissible evidence of a cheating spouse if there is any. We’ll deploy discreet surveillance using state of the art photography, video, and tracking equipment that will highlight what’s going on. We can also use digital forensics to uncover hidden or deleted texts, emails, and phone calls that prove you have been lied to and cheated on.

Divorce Investigations

As the divorce progresses, there are important factors to consider. Precision Investigations provides child custody investigations that prove, with evidence, who will be the more suitable parent to raise the children. We’ll do a background check on your spouse to find out if there other parts of his or her past that will be important for you and your attorney to know. If a spouse has been hiding money, engaging in illegal activity, has been negligent in their parental duties, or has been involved in any other civil or criminal activities, we’ll find that evidence too.

As the divorce finalizes, there can be some very hurt feelings and irrational behavior. Normally, the spouse who initiated the divorce is eager to move on wit their life. The other half, however, may decide to engage in stalking, harassing, and other illicit behavior. Precision Investigations will provide surveillance of your ex-spouse and track them so you know where they are at any given time. We’ll document their behavior so you have evidence prior to getting law enforcement involved. When the child is concerned, we can offer civil standby services for custody transfers and ensure a peaceful and safe process for the child.

What Does Infidelity Surveillance involve?

We begin with getting a better understanding of the situation. We review some of the common signs of infidelity and start to put together a calendar of when the spouse might be cheating. The surveillance begins with using tracking measures to learn the spouses patterns. Precision Investigations runs a mix of automated surveillance and in-person infidelity surveillance to catch a cheater. Although our use of discreet technology, drones, and video catches most of the evidence of infidelity, our time-tested used of in-person surveillance and stakeouts are crucial to court admissible evidence.

How Much Time does an Infidelity Investigation Take?

That really depends on the individual. Very rarely do we catch the spouse cheating on our first outing. It takes patience and understanding the spouse’s patterns. Honestly, it could take a few days to a few weeks. Some affairs might be monthly encounters with strangers, and those are somewhat unpredictable. Most affairs are with people that the spouse is in an active relationship with. That type of infidelity usually follows a pattern, and Precision Investigations designs a surveillance plan around that behavior to maximize our success rate. We provide updates as we discover information.