Child Custody Investigations & Surveillance

wichita child custody investigations

The most important thing to Precision Investigations is the safety and well-being of the child during a child custody investigation. Child custody is a difficult and sensitive issue that comes up during divorce and other custody disputes. It’s our primary job to gather admissible evidence that ensures the child is placed in the safest environment for them.

Precision Investigations provides comprehensive background investigations and surveillance services for our Wichita child custody cases. We look at a variety of factors including:

  • Evidence of Alcohol or Drug Abuse
  • Evidence of Domestic Violence
  • Claims of Child Abuse and/or Neglect
  • Criminal Activities and Legal Histories
  • The Potential Home Environments
  • The Physical, Emotional, and Financial Health of the Parents/Guardians
  • Past, Present, and Possible Future Stability Concerns

Child Custody Background Investigations

Our child custody background investigations will determine if a parent is an unfit guardian. There will be evidence of substance abuse, unstable and aggressive behavior, problems at work, run-ins with law enforcement, and financial problems.

Child Custody Surveillance

Precision Investigations provides visual and data surveillance that helps corroborate existing evidence and establishes patterns in behavior – which is an important determining factor in child custody disputes. Child custody surveillance can shut down “he said/she said” arguments by providing court admissible evidence by catching bad behaviors in the act.

Our job isn’t over after the custody of the child is determined. We also provide civil standby services for custody transfers and ensure a peaceful and safe process for the child.